Dawn of Illumination – Excerpt 2

Excerpt from book 3 of Oracle’s Legacy

warning: the following contains strong language.

Eight guards came rushing down the hallways. She hopped up on her feet, spun around the corner and held out her hands stopping them with a wall of energy. Her mind grabbed them, forcing them to point their guns inside their mouths. Like a symphony, the gunfire echoed off the concrete walls.

“Hmmm, that’s not new.” He swung down from the pipes, landing behind her. “How many more in the building?”


“Why not just level the whole infrastructure like you did last time?”

“Because I got a damn complaint about it being a waste of energy.”

“You actually listen to me?”

“When you make sense.” She began walking through the silent hallways. When they finally made it to the access elevator the surrounding energy showed her the electrical pattern of the elevator was rigged funny. Not that she knew that much about electrical engineering, but energy was gnawing at her. And that gnawing was her own personal warning system.

“They plan on capturing you in the elevator and holding you there. Risky plan. If Demon’s Wrath were here he would kill them for being morons,” Creed said, heading for the stairwell.

Demon’s Wrath. That name was a searing hot poker burning her mind. When she found that bastard she was going to skin him alive. Not only for aiding in killing her, but for torturing her, imprisoning her, and being a sick sadistic son of a bitch.

“Tell me about him,” Ollie said heading for the stairs.


“What do you mean who?” Ollie snapped, “Who the hell were you just talking about?”

“Don’t remember.”

Ollie spun around, kicking him into the stairwell door before it could shut. He bounced off it then braced himself against it and the memories that she knew plagued him. “You’re one nasty son of a bitch,” she said.

“You’re right about one thing, my mother was a bitch,” Creed whispered, as he cringed.

By the twist in his face, he was fighting hard against the memories of his abuse. The reason he hated chairs or sitting with his back to any flat surface was because when he was a child, he was always strapped to a chair before they abused him. Why? Because he was not allowed to sit when he played violin. He was only allowed to stand. And when he sat, it was a constant reminder of his abuse.

When the man slept, it was on the floor with his back to the door, and facing whatever window was in the room. He developed that habit from being trained by Moon. Sleeping on the floor he could feel the vibrations of approaching footsteps. If he couldn’t feel the vibrations, the door opening would wake him. And he always faced the window to check his escape routes to see if they were blocked.

Creed was a weird, particular nut, but he had reasons for everything he did.

Ollie didn’t question him further as she ascended the stairs. She didn’t make him answer because Creed would evade it for as long as he could. He would evade, because he knew more about Demon’s Wrath than anyone in the world. There was a connection there between the two Moon members that Ollie was almost afraid to find out, because if she was right, Creed was the one who had set Demon’s Wrath on the path he’d ended up on. Creed was known for instigating, so it would come as no surprise if the freak had a hand in leading Demon’s Wrath to do the things he did and becoming the abomination that was destroying the world.

And no matter how much she hated Creed, she still cared about him. That was the only reason he was still alive. Finding out that he had deliberately allowed her to be killed, captured, and tortured was bad enough. Knowing he might have planned it all from the beginning, being the mastermind behind it all, would cut what little of her heart she had left and squish it to nothing. Half of her didn’t want to know because she would have to kill him. Half of her needed to know and to fit the pieces into place, even at the cost of her sanity.

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