Dawn of Illumination – Excerpt 3

Excerpt from book 3 of Oracle’s Legacy

warning: the following contains strong language.

“What are we looking for?” He asked. This was the fifth time he’d asked since they’d left Sanctuary.

“If you don’t know, you’re not looking for anything,” Ollie said

“Okay, smarty pants, what are you looking for?”

“Why in hell would I tell you anything, when you won’t tell me shit? I don’t feel obligated. Not in the least.”

He shut his mouth, probably thinking of a new tactic. It was odd not having Creed know everything, because he usually did.

Ollie continued her new energy control exercises, as simple as breathing in and out, deeply, cycling her energy repeatedly. As long as she kept energy flowing through her like water through a pipe, she could keep going. But if she stopped the flow, she would tire, and her energy would expire quickly. She would be too exhausted to go on. She had to admit that the exercises Loc taught her were helpful.

She was coming to realize she didn’t need a teacher to learn her power. Each moment she lived was a learning experience. Energy was constantly teaching, showing, and pulling for her attention. The problem was that there was so much of it and so many different kinds, she couldn’t understand or grasp it all at once. Energy tugged at her like a million annoying little children saying, “look at me, look at me”. Sometimes it even reminded her of those damn children in grocery stores that threw tantrums or called for their mother fifty million times. In her worst moments, energy was like a horde of demonic kids trying to rip her to shreds with anything and everything it had. But she was learning the differences between each. It was the tantrum throwing energy that told her when danger was coming, or something critical was happening. It was the demonic horde that told her to destroy everything, or let it be destroyed.

The demonic horde of energy always attacked her in her weakest moments, when her emotions were at their peak. Emotions were one thing she’d have to learn how to control.

Emotions were the reason that the people who claimed to care about her most betrayed her. And the reason she wanted them all dead. With control over her emotions, maybe she might find some control over her life.

Creed stopped behind her. He was a good indication of when something bad was coming. He was a nervous SOB when it came to other people in his space, so he could always tell when someone or something was planning an attack. His vision wasn’t completely gone.

Ollie took in a deep breath, flooding her lungs with air and energy. She opened her mind to everything around her, and saw shadow concealed guards skulking down the stairs. She was only five flights from her goal. She focused power around her, making sure she didn’t mix her own energy with it. She used the veins of energy, the flow, and directed power toward the guards. The flow turned into something neither she nor the other Moon expected or saw — invisible lightning. None of the Moon could react to the soundless strike. They were electrocuted within seconds.

Creed didn’t seem the least bit surprised though. “It’s about time, but seeing as that was a fluke, I take that back. Keep working on it.”

Don’t kill him yet. Don’t kill him yet. She kept telling herself as she progressed up the steps.

“Why not just kill them all?” Creed asked.

“Because Bones won’t have anyone to lead if they’re all dead.”

“Oh, yes he will,” Creed said as if he knew.

“You’re vision return?” Ollie asked.

“Kind of…it comes and goes.”

Was he telling the truth? Did he really have a problem with his visions? The twisted lunatic had a habit of lying when it suited him.

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