Dawn of Illumination – Excerpt 4

Excerpt from book 3 of Oracle’s Legacy

warning: the following contains strong language.

Reaching the fourth floor, familiar energy tingled over Ollie’s body. A dark, sick, energy that laughed at every step she took.

Demon’s Wrath.

Ollie sprinted off towards the roof where she felt his energy. Doors below her burst open as Moon crowded the stairwell. There’ll be no stopping me today, assholes. She had no idea that he was in the building, but in no way was she going to let that bitch get away.

Ollie gripped the railing and jumped over it just as the chasing Moon began to catch up with her. She landed on the sixth floor platform and ran down the next flight. More Moon were coming up the stairs. She took a flying leap at the head of the pack. Her foot landed on a face and the lead Moon tumbled backward, sending them all falling like dominos. Regaining her balance, she ran over the tumbling bodies as if they were a steady concrete sidewalk. Jumping off one of the fallen, her feet slammed into the wall in front of her. She pushed off the wall and found herself running down the stairs again. She took a sharp turn heading back to the fourth floor.

She plowed into the fourth floor door with her shoulder and a burst of energy. The door shot off its hinges, bulldozing through the steel and concrete walls of the building.

Ollie didn’t stop to admire the destruction. She raced headlong down the hallway. The Moon following her had gained speed and numbers. Two more groups came into the hallway to stop her, but she wasn’t having it.

“Move your ass!” She forced surrounding energy away from her in a wave as the tide took the Moon away, sailing them into walls, windows, and open doorways.

One Moon flew right into the second staircase door, opening it for her. Well wasn’t he a gentleman. Ollie took the steps, leaping two at a time, to the roof. She padded energy around her leg and kicked open the roof access door.

The door launched from its home, barely missing a helicopter that lurched into the air. The helicopter that carried Demon’s Wrath.

Shit,” she screamed at the helicopter, which seemed to be laughing at her. Not the helicopter itself, but the evil monster inside.

Even over the whirling blades and the height of the helicopters elevation, she heard him say, “Not only weak, but slow, too.”

Ollie stepped back, physically pulling energy toward her, trying to grab hold of the vehicle. But just as she thought she had found the control she needed to maneuver her power, a shot of dark energy grabbed the back of her neck, sank into her spine, and oozed down her back.

A pang of sadness pricked her heart. Had someone died? Someone she cared about? No, it was his hideous power. The unnatural sadness became overwhelming. She hugged herself, squeezing her eyes shut to keep the tears to herself. But her sobbing became too much to contain. The building began to rock and sway.

All the frustration and heartache of her life flashed in her head. Tears flowed until there was nothing left. And still she cried, gaining nothing but dry eyes, a cramping stomach, and raw voice.

Shhhh, she felt a hand on her back, rubbing her, soothing her into a calm. Her sorrow became a whimper as she curled into a translucent embrace. The building stopped quaking.

Now get up. The words brought Ollie to attention. What was that? Who? Ollie’s energy looked around, frantic. But there was nothing. It had to be Mama’s energy she felt. Who else had the power to find her when no one else could? Granger could. He had found her before. Was it him?

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