Two Worlds Collide: This is not goodbye…

I have been writing a new story. Lots of action, suspense, you know the usual. But my mind keeps playing over and over with the world I just left. Oracle’s Legacy is finished. I am happy with how it ended. Having spent three years with this story, I can’t help but relive the adventures in my head. In a way, I feel as if I’ve abandoned those wonderful characters and that world I’ve spent so many sleepless nights working with. They were and still are so much a part of me that it is difficult to move on.

I can still hear Wolfe’s colorful commentary. I can see the Oracle, smoking one last cigarette. I can smell the peppermint that Ollie loved, and hear her loud mouth at she cusses at one of her brothers.

The world is there, and I can’t deny it will always be. But I want to move on. I want this new story to have a life of it’s own as well. The characters, they are waiting for me. Their story doesn’t want to suffer silence. They open their arms to me, anticipating my decision.

“Ollie, Ellis, Granger, Bones… all of you. You will always be there in my mind. And your story has been shared, but now you have to share me. Let me move forward.”

They smile. And nod. Though reluctant, permission granted.

And so I move forward.

Share their story in the Oracle’s Legacy trilogy.

Oracle's Legacy: A Sci-fi Trilogy


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