Christmas Wish List

Yeah, I make a wish list every year! Everyone should. Just write down all the things you want, even if you don’t share it with anyone. And though I don’t tell many people about the things I want for Christmas, there is a special place in my childish heart where I let my wishes run free. Hey, it’s the reason my imagination is a bit wild.

1. New York Time Bestseller for ALL of my books present and future (No, I don’t dream small)

2. World Peace (yeah, that should be first but honestly I believe the above will happen before this one will)

3. Workaholic Agent (I need someone to keep me motivated and who I know is on the job and loves what they do)

4. Trip to Europe, Hawaii, Brazil, Canada, South Africa (there are others but I’ll stop here)

5. A booming economy and millions of dollars for me and everyone I know (Sharing is caring)

6. Audi R8 (Have you seen it?

7. The most awesomeness of publishing contracts ever imaginable (don’t look awesomeness up)

8. An unlimited shopping spree at Best Buy ( or, I’m not picky)

9. ……..

10. ……

Okay, so I was going to share my top ten list this year, but the last two are a bit personal and my business is my business.

Anyway, get to wishing!! And if you want to, share a few of your own… you never know, they might come true. No promises though.

Either way, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!



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