Violence Is Not The Answer… Is it?

Is it strange to like violence in books, TV, and movies, but to abhor it in real life?
I mean, I do like my NHL… but that doesn’t count. And a little UFC isn’t so bad…
Senseless violence is what I don’t like.
And yet violence is threaded through out everything I write. It is not always an outright display, sometimes it is just the threat of violence, but the idea is there.
I wonder if this is healthy…?

What I’m writing now…

I’m writing two different stories: The first is streaming with violence from the back-story to the end. It isn’t graphic violence, but its violence nonetheless. Futuristic. With plenty of action to boot.

The second story isn’t so violent, though the action more than makes up for it. And I find it easier to write the first story over the second. Maybe that is why I’ve spent more time on the less violent one, because the story seems to need more of my attention and my imagination.

But it’s not just senseless violence.

Does the violence in my writing have a point? Yep. Does it move the story along? Sure does! I mean it’s not just there for gruesome decoration. It allows me to show the many sides of my characters (their reactions and/or actions). It also helps to show what is going on in the story without taking away from the plot. There is a method to my madness… though madness nonetheless.

Ahhh, violence…

No, no, I’m not condoning violence in the least… Not really… Maybe… Possibly, something’s wrong with me. But I like me!


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