Misadventures in Audio… Pt 2

Oh, the joys of audio books!!

The first audiobook I picked out is quite good… so far. Only been through the first third of the book. I must say, it does the trick. While someone is reading me the story, I get so much done. Maybe I can actually get caught up on some of my reading… of which my list has grown exponentially and continues to do so.

It’s like someone reading me a bedtime story, even if I’m not going to bed. I like listening to it while I’m cleaning and doing other bothersome tasks. It actually makes me want to do chores so that I can hear what’s going to happen next.

However, sitting down and just listening to the story lacks something. It lacks the pages in my hand, the turn of paper, the sight of print. Or it’s missing my Nook with the eInk display scrolled on my screen. Yes, working while listening is great for audio format. Sitting and doing nothing, still requires visual format.


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