Misadventures in Audio… pt 3: Conclusion.

Okay, so I’ve finished my audio book and listed the positives…


I have a big imagination. I love my rather large and rambunctious mind. And when I read a book for myself, I see what I read in great detail, without the author ever needing to go into great detail. That is why I often skip great detail.       OFTEN SKIP GREAT DETAIL!!!      Remember, I have N.A.D.D. (Novel Attention Deficit Disorder).

So when I’m reading, I can visually skip over the details that annoy my imagination.


While listening, there is no visual skipping. And if you do skip ahead, you risk missing something and then have to go back, and then you go back too far, and then you fast forward a bit, but… See where I’m going with this? Instead of the back and forth frustration, I pretty much have to listen to the long drawn out details of the book while the narrator reads. And no matter how colorful the narrator tries to make the details sound… they are, nonetheless, details. So when the story gets to parts with no action or rambling dialogue or some element that doesn’t keep me from sighing, I realize I prefer reading books.  It gives me a kind of… imaginative control. But I’ll still listen to audio books when I’m too busy to read.

Now that my brief break is over, back to writing my own books! MUWAHAHAHA!!!


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