The Good. The Bad. The Trash.

When reading a book, what do you find unforgivable? When do you find a book worthy of trashing?

Before I continue, you will notice on Scribeyond that I do not review books and refuse to speak ill about other authors’ work for I understand the painstaking thought that goes into a novel.

With that said, I just finished a book that left me…


It started off good. I mean it had me turning pages. The main character was discovering self, forging alliances, tapping into great powers, recognizing the evil, thought shaky, ready to do battle with it, and then….

And then…


Then towards the middle the main character did something so outrageous I screamed. Hoping to find some meaning, some understanding or redeeming action, I kept reading. Two chapters from the end of the book, I trashed that son of a…. PIIIIIISSSSSSEEEEEDDD!!!!

The only thing I have left to say is a bit of advice to all writers/authors who don’t want their books trashed:

If the main character KNOWS who the evil villain is and you plan to have the main character join forces with the villain, AND the main character is supposed to a good guy/gal, YOU BETTER HAVE A HELLUVA GOOD REASON FOR IT!!!

That is all.



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