People often ask me why I don’t put myself out there more, why I don’t do more social networking. Because I’m a private person. And…

So I got one of my email’s hacked. Glad it wasn’t a major account, however, I HATE THIEVES!! I’ve never been a big fan of social media. Don’t get me wrong it has its perks. But as much as I love, adore, and can’t live without technology, its dark side scares me and makes me weary. NO, IT’S NOT THE INTERNET’S FAULT! It’s the evil people on the internet who scam, steal ID’s, and hack. MAY YOU ALL BURN IN THE INFERNO OF MY RAGE!!! (just the evil people)

With that said, my fellow writers, bloggers, tweeters, facebookers, and what-nots, be careful what you do and how you do it, because them damn thieves are everywhere!


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