Introducing Inner Conflict: Angel vs. Demon

Me: “I’m trying something new.”

Demon: “Why change the old format? Change is bad.”

Me: “My creativity has begun overflowing.”

Angel: “Imagination is a wonderful thing.”

Demon: “Gag me.”

Me: “It will be about the inner conflict of writing, man vs. himself.”

Angel: “Or woman.”

Demon: “Being politically correct sucks.”

Angel: “It’s about how a story is formed from within. Exposing the author’s inner turmoil.”

Demon: “There’d be no turmoil if you two would just do as I say.”

Angel: “This isn’t a dictatorship!”

Me: “Actually, it is. You two are just my advisors. I’ll consider both your ideas but I make the final decision. And that decision is law. Is that clear?”

Angel & Demon: “Crystal.”

Me: “I’m glad we agree.”


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