Angel vs. Demon: Character Harassment

Angel: “Don’t you think you have done enough to this poor character?”

Demon: “Enough? What’s she talking about? We’ve barely scratched the surface.”

Angel: “How much more damage can a person take before he’s broken. I mean if you were in this guy’s shoes would you be able to take all this torture?”

Me: “I suppose I have been harsh to this character.”

Demon: “Harsh? Come oooon! He’s not real. He can’t feel it!”

Angel: “But I feel it. Every time I read that something happens to him, I feel his agony.”

Demon: ” ‘Cause you’re too sensitive. Push him a bit more, he’ll be fine.”

Me: “I don’t know… She might be right…”

Angel: “Think about your readers. What would they think?”

Demon: “The read- Wait! You’re playing dirt-”

Me: “You’re right. I can’t let this continue.”

Angel: “That’s so good of you.”

Demon: “For cryin’ out loud!



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