Angel Vs. Demon: Editors

Me: “Editors have a job I consider tedious.”

Angel: “Yes, but a GOOD editor has a knack for catching all the mistakes you make.”

Demon: “Yeah, stupid mistakes.”

Me: “Not mistakes. Typos. They’re typos, like when I type their when it should be there, or though when I should have typed thought.”

Angel: “Honest mistakes! Editors even catch all the extra commas you unconsciously use.”

Demon: “Dumb it down if you want. Its all still stupid mistakes.”

Me: “Sometimes my mind and fingers just aren’t in sync. Hey, I may be a genius, but I’m not perfect.”

Angel: “Mistakes happen. They can be forgiven.”

Demon: “Your readers won’t be forgiving.”

Me: “Neither are you.”

Demon: “Hell, that’s the nature of my job.”


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