Angel vs. Demon: Written Identity

Angel: “Can a writer stamp their identity on paper?”

Demon: “Like a blood seal?”

Angel: “Nothing so barbaric. I mean can a writer rewrite a scene that someone else wrote and say it is their own?”

Demon: “Oooo, like plagiarism? Stealing someone’s work? Now you’re talking.”

Angel: “No. No! AND NO!!! I’m saying…”

Me: “I get what you’re saying. Can an author be identified through their writing style, despite what they write? Through the way they use words, spin a story, set a mood, and create a scene, yes, I believe a writer is identified through their style. Give seven different writers a writing prompt and you get seven different stories with similar ideas or themes.”

Angel: ” So a writer is a reflection of what they write?”

Me: “I think so.”

Angel: “Hmmm, so I wonder what I would see in you if I read what you wrote.

Demon: “I’ll tell you what I see.”

Angel: “Oh, no.”

Me: “This I have to hear.”

Demon: “Your mind is your imagination and your imagination is you. And everything you write is all that you imagine.”

Angel: “That’s… surprisingly profound. I didn’t know you had it in you.”

Me: “He doesn’t, he stole it from one of my journals.”

Angel: “So you’re a liar AND a thief.”

Demon: “Two for two, baby!”

Angel: *sigh*


Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun.

George Scialabba

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