Angel vs. Demon: Fuel For the Imagination

Me: “So I have this new acquaintance.”

Angel: “Oh yeah, the conspiracy theorist.”

Demon: “Nut you mean.”

Angel: “I’ve never met one.”

Me: “Me either. I mean I hear conspiracies, people talk about them, simple chit-chat, but… I have never truly understood the concept of conspiracy theorist until I met her. To call them paranoid is an understatement, but they are truly fascinating. And you never know, they might actually be on to something.”

Demon: “They’re loony. Don’t buy into them!”

Me: “Regardless, it takes true imaginative genius to come up with some of the conspiracies that they spin. I am in awe. And have much to learn.”

Angel: “Let me guess: Just being around her gives you tons of stories of your own to spin.”

Me: “Bingo!”

Demon: “Like you need more.”


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