Angel vs. Demon: Spider on the Wall

Demon: “Look!”

Angel: “What?”

Demon: “There’s a spider on the wall.”

Angel: “Where?”

Demon: “I’m looking at it now. Its tiny, brown, with all eight legs making an effort to get away.”

Me: “It’s trying to run from me and my intentions.”

Angel: “Remember: All life is sacred.”

Demon: “It wants to flee, but your will is stronger. And your will be done.”

Me: “One moment while I rid the world of one intruding creepy crawly…”

Angel: “No! Don’t kill it!”

Demon: “Say a prayer for the departed.”

Me: “Now with that little distraction exterminated, I can get back to writing.”

Angel: “Oh, so cruel.”

Demon: “No. So dead.”


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