Angel vs. Demon: Self-Possessed

Angel: “I wonder when RB knows when to write. And what to write.”

Demon: “It’s a self-possession.”

Angel: “I beg your pardon?”

Demon: “Beg all you want, there will be no pardon. MUWAHAHA-”

Angel: “Ugh! I mean, what are you talking about, self-possession?”

Demon: “Aaaaaah. The story… it can thrum in the mind. A constant echo calling you. Chanting your name. It longs to be heard. To be told. To be read. To be written. And if you don’t see it, if you don’t recognize it… It begins to follow you. Disturbing your thoughts, invading your daydreams. Stalking your nightmares. And soon, it will break into your home, eat up your cheese puffs, and take over your remote. Then… Then it will take your friends, alienate you from your family, and bury you in the coffin of your own making while you breathe. It will pursue you until you finally, FINALLY, give up and give in. Or until you go mad.”

Angel: “So to avoid madness… RB writes every story down. But there are so many that still haven’t been written.”

Demon: “Indeed.”

Angel: “Then the author may very well go mad.”

Demon: “Indeed.”

Angel: “….. Is that…is that why you are here? To ensure madness?”

The Demon smiles.

Angel: “Then I will make sure RB writes until the end.”


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