Angel vs. Demon: Rewriting Blunder

Angel: “Ummm…”

Me: “Don’t say it.”

Angel: “Don’t worry. I’m sure it will be okay.”

Demon: “Hahahahahahahaha!

Angel: “Cut that out you evil thing.” She swat’s the Demon, then turns to me, “I’m sure you can rewrite it.”

Me: “Yeah… I can’t believe it. I shouldn’t have written over that scene. I should have just started a new document and copied all the old into the new and kept the old document untouched.”

Angel: “I’m sure you’ll remember to do so in the future.”

Demon: “Hahahaheeheeheeheeheehee!”

Angel: “The undo command won’t work this time will it?”

Me: “Unfortunately, I saved the new changes days ago. And I’m just realizing, that scene shouldn’t have been written over.”

Demon: “Brilliant! Hahaha! So damn brilliant! You pretty much screwed yourself.”

Angel: “Next time just leave the originals alone. Save them. Set them to the side. They are your framework, your skeletal system for your rewrite. You NEVER know when you might need that draft again.

Demon: “Heeheehee! Cause after so many saves on your computer, the undo button just don’t work anymore. YEP, you learned this the hard way!”

Me & Angel: “Oh shut up!”


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