Angel vs. Demon: Minor Threat

Me: “Crap! That’s a problem.”

Demon: “Self-created of course.”

Angel: [walks over to the computer screen] “What is it?”

Demon: “RB’s genius mind has become so involved with this story, it has created more minor characters with significant roles in this one area she’s writing. Genius mind? Ha! More like over active imagination.”

Angel: “I see the problem. It could confuse someone from the outside reading it. Like your readers.”

Me: “Yeah, I get too engrossed. I’ll have to get rid of some.”

Angel: “To simplify, why not move one or more of these minor characters around and save them for different parts later.”

Demon: “Or just do a hack and slash. Cut them out completely”

Angel: “Brutal!”

Me: “But effective.”

Demon: “Muwahaha!”


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