Angel vs. Demon: Another Minor Threat

Angel: “When did this minor character become major? Did you want this minor character to be major?”

Me: “As I write, I find some of my minor characters performing significant actions that directly affect the main plot and characters.”

Angel: “Yes, but you don’t want them to outshine the main character.”

Demon: “That’s why you have to keep them in their place. Put your foot on their neck. Oppress them like a good dictator should.”

Me: “Oppress?”

Angel: “What?”

Demon: “Yes, this is your world. You created them, you can tell the little minions where to go and what to do. And if they get out of line, WHACK!”

Me: “Uh…hmmm.” I turn to Angel. “Okay, so what were you saying?”

Angel: “Unless you plan to make the minor character major, keep their actions and description at a minimum.”

Me: “Keep them in moderation, got it.”

Demon: “I will not be ignored, dammit!”


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