Angel vs. Demon: Influence of People

Demon:  “People piss me off.”

Me: “That was random. Where did this come from?”

Angel: “His black soul.”

Demon: “Stuff it goody-goody. It comes from the crap I see day to day. How can people live like this?”

Me: “Strife. Hatred. Strong kicking the weak? Greedy robbing the poor? The helpful being taken advantage of by the tricksters? It’s a harsh and cruel world, but it gives me fuel for writing. It allows me to build a foundation for my outlandish ideas.”

Angel: “Some of the bad things people do can be hard to take, but there is good in the world.”

Demon: “That’s what I’m talking about. How can people, despite all the yummy hedonism around them, still do good? What’s that about?”

Me: “……..”

Angel: “I’m so disappointed right now.”

Demon: “You, too?!”


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