Angel vs. Demon: Complacent

Demon: “ARGH! Why are these characters so happy? What happened to the danger? The suspense? The fear?”

Angel: “It’s all right there.”

Demon: “They go about their daily life, not a care in the world. It’s so… boooooring.”

Me: “Complacency is a tool I’m using it to build suspense. At first, it looks like nothing has changed. Nothing is going on. But sooner or later they realize life isn’t so quiet and they will be forced to either act or react.”

Angel: “See, it’s all right there.”

Demon: “Yes, I can see it ALL in the fact that the character just said hi to her neighbor before going to the supermarket to buy bread. It screams, “AHHHHH, HEELLLP! SAVE ME!”

Me: “Not yet, but it will.”

Demon: “It will?”

Me: “Oh, it will.”

Demon: “HELL YEAH!”


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