Angel vs. Demon: Research?

Angel: “Hey RB? Demon? Where are ya’ll…playing video games?!”

Me: “Crap!”

Angel: “I thought you were supposed to be writing?”

Demon: “Oh! Good move, RB!”

Angel: “And you! I thought you were helping not hindering.”

Demon: “Oh, well… This is research?”

Me: “Yeah, research. Haha! You lose!”

Demon: “What! Nooo! See what you made me do, Angel? Now I’ll have to play again to reclaim my honor.”

Angel: “Honor? What honor, you’re a demon.”

Me: “She got you there!”

Angel: “RB, back to work!” She unplugs the television.

Demon & Me: “Hey!”

Angel: “I believe someone made a promise to have two books written this year…I wonder who.”

Me: “Ah yes, back to work.”

Demon: “Noooo! Don’t do it! Don’t give in!”

Angel: “And you!”

Demon: “I’m outta here!”


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