Angel vs. Demon: Edge of Death

Demon: “You know…? I’m not feeling the death. Shouldn’t it be on his heels? Shouldn’t he be panicking more?”

Me: “The character isn’t supposed to die.”

Demon: “Right, but during a life and death situation what would you be thinking?”

Me: “I’ve… never been close to death.”

Demon: “Yes, but there have been so many who have… And do you want to know what they think?” He creeps closer. “They think, about all the regrets. All the things left unfinished. All the wrongs they could have righted. So many regret and pain. Delicious.”

Angel: “And its those regrets, those things left undone that makes this character cling to life. He wants to live to finish what he started.”

Demon: “But he must first feel that agony of where he will fail. Failure. Hopelessness. Utter despair.”

Angel: “But the lack of hope will surely kill him. Without hope, there is no life. He has to cling to some even a little. Remember, we don’t want him dead…wait are you trying to kill this character?”

Demon: “Hmmm?”


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