Angel vs. Demon: Evil Enough?


Demon: “YEEEEEES!”

Angel: “I can’t believe you just wrote that?”

Me: “Why not?”

Angel: “It’s just so… evil!

Demon: “He’s the villain. He’s supposed to be evil. Duh.”

Angel: “But not that evil.”

Demon: “Yes, that evil, or would you prefer him to pass out teddy bears and lollipops? Wait… an idea! Teddy bears packing machine guns and poisoned lollipops!”

Angel: *gasp*

Me: “Wrong kind of evil.”

Demon: “Wrong kind? Evil is evil. There is no kind.”

Me: “But deadly lollipops and teddy bears don’t go with this villains image. So its not happening.”

Angel: “That means… you’ll change the scene?”

Me & Demon: “No way!”



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