Angel vs. Demon: Name Change

Me: “I need a name for this character.”

Demon: “You already have one.”

Me: “It’s too closely related to another name I’ve used in this book. I have to rename her.”

Demon: “Use it anyway, no one will know.”

Me: “I’ll know. It is bothering me.”

Demon: “There are billions of people in the world and most of them have the same name.”

Me: “This isn’t the world. This is MY world. I want a new name. It will eliminate any confusion for the reader.”

Demon: “Nothing wrong with confusion.”

Angel: “Of course, for someone who thrives in confusion. But I see RB’s point. Even in the real world, having two people in the same area with the same name can cause problems.”

Demon: “Problems make the world go round.”

Me: “Yes and I’m still changing this character’s name.”


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