Angel vs. Demon: Character Naming

Angel: “Have you found a new name for your character yet?”

Me: “No.”

Angel: “May I make a suggestion?”

Me: “Fine.”

Angel: “Angelica.”

Demon: “Hell no. Demonica’s better.”

Angel: “How about Mary?”

Demon: “Jezebel. Make her a Jezebel.”

Angel: “Jezebel! Who would use that evil name?”

Demon: “It’s just a name.”

Angel: “Then what’s wrong with Angelica?”

Demon: “Sounds too holy.”

Me: “Listen. The name has to reflect the character. Not just a name because you like it. The name has as much a purpose as the character’s actions. Now think carefully and dig deep.”

Angel: “That will be hard for the Demon.”

Demon: “Hahaha… You suck.”


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