Angel vs. Demon: Nothing New

Me: “I can’t… believe it.”

Angel: “Welcome home!”

Demon: “What can’t you believe?”

Me: “Well, I stopped at the bookstore today…just to look.”

Demon: “Yeah, right.”

Angel: “That would explain the Barnes & Nobles bag in your hand.”

Me: “Bygones. Skimming the science fiction section I happened upon a book where the storyline was much like one I started years ago and never finished.”

Demon: “Be specific, you have a lot of those.”

Me: “Silence. Anyway, I’m shocked. How could anyone have the same idea as me? Sure there were many differences in the story. Heck, I would’ve never ended it that way, but-”

Angel: “You read it in the store?”

Me: “Skimmed it.”

Angel: “Soooo… the characters were the same as yours?”

Me: “No.”

Demon: “And it didn’t end like you would have ended it?”

Me: “No.”

Angel: “Was the writing style the same?”

Me: “Of course not.”

Demon: “Then it wasn’t your story.”

Me: “Yes, but… Explain.”

Angel: “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9.”

Demon: “Are you…? No! Cut that out!”

Angel: [Rolls her eyes] “Hopeless. What I mean is there is nothing new in storytelling, and yet, there is. Many authors write about vampires, but not every vampire is the same. Many write about star-crossed lovers, but not every story ends with suicide.”

Demon: “Unfortunately.”

Me: “I know. New stories are always coming out: old ideas with new spins. So it shouldn’t surprise me.”

Demon: “And I’m sure your story would have twice the action and suspense. Then it will be your story. With ass-kicking characters that making you want to cheer. Can’t wait.”

Angel: “You might have to. She set that one aside remember.”

Demon: “Crap.”

Me: “Now I wonder just HOW many times has this idea been written about.”

Angel: “Yeah, we may never get to read that story.”


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