Angel vs. Demon: Sci-fi/Fantasy

Angel: “Why don’t you ever write something inspirational? Spiritual?”

Me: “Because I am a sci-fi/fantasy author. I grew up watching Willow, Star Trek: Next Generation, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Wars, and Never Ending Story. I read comics like X-Men, X-Factor, and Batman. I loved reading Piers Anthony books and watched Akira: my first step into Japanese Animation.

Demon: “Oooo, Akira. That was a bloody masterpiece!”

Angel: “And what is so great about science fiction and fantasy?”

Me: “Wha….What’s so great?! Have you no imagination? No dreams? Do you lack the creativity to go beyond reality? Where should I begin? How should I educate your limit perception?”

Demon: “Oh, crap, I’m leaving.”

Angel: “What? What did I say?”



    1. I stopped at Yon Il Wind. I believe that was around the same time high school sucked and was forced to read Shakespeare… I’m not a fan.

      1. Yon Ill Wind was pretty great. There are a couple past that one that are good — Roc and a Hard Place is fun, because it has a ton of old characters in it. I actually got out of high school with only having to read Romeo and Juliet, Taming of the Shrew, Othello, and Hamlet. I know most people have to read way more than that. Not sure how I pulled that off, lol.

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