Angel vs. Demon: Unicorns and Rainbows

Angel: “Does everything you write have to have violence? It’s disturbing.”

Demon: “Great, that’s what it is!”

Me: “It’s not as violent as my last books.”

Demon: “A pity, too. Ollie was freakin’ brilliant. That girl was an ace. All your characters should be like her.”

Angel: “She was quite… colorful. Yes. But you promised these books wouldn’t be as violent.”

Me: “And they’re not.”

Angel: “Yes, but-”

Me: “Look, my books are violent. And though what I’m writing now is not as violent or intense as Oracle’s Legacy, there be violence. And I won’t apologize. I’ll just warn you. Read at your own risk.”

Demon: “What do you expect RB to write about? Unicorns and rainbows?”

Angel: “Well….”

Me: “Nope. Not happenin’.”

Demon: “Unless of course, that rainbow was painted with the blood of a unicorn.”

Me: “Now that is an idea.”

Angel: *GASP*


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