Angel vs. Demon: Writer’s Block

Angel: “Do you get writer’s block?”

Me: “Not the usual kind.”

Demon: “Usual kind? There is more than one kind.”

Me: “Well, I’ve never had a problem writing or coming up with an idea. If anything I have too many. Heck, I could write all day if my eyes didn’t get dry and tired. Or my finger’s didn’t need rest. Because the way my mind is… let’s just say, perpetual motion.”

Angel: “Then what kind of writer’s block do you have?”

Me: “Distractions. Things that have to be done. Places I have to go. People who want my time… I mean… I don’t mind doing for others. It’s a good thing. Helping people out. Good.”

Angel: “Yes. Very good.”

Demon: *grins* “But….?”


Demon: “Then RB becomes an evil, nasty gremlin that roars a fierceness like none you’ll ever see! I LOVE IT!



  1. RBH good to know you beyond the CHAT arena. You are an icon. I do my home work so I can know my friends and clients beyond the chatting arena. Keep the good work on. Cheers!

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