Angel vs. Demon: Soundtrack

Demon: “Bamalam!

Angel: “No. Sounds to cartoony.”

Demon: “Kapowee!

Angel: “Sounds like a comic book.”

Demon: “Aldadingding!

Angel: “Okay, now that’s just ridiculous.”

Me: “Heh heh”

Angel: “Wait, RB, are you laughing?”

Me: “Uh huh”

Demon: “Why?”

Me: “Because ya’ll still don’t get it.”

Angel: “You were the one talking about sound.”

Demon: “Yeah, I thought you wanted an idea of what magic sounded like?”

Me: “Yep. But I wasn’t talking about a soundtrack. I was saying it needed to be described… wait I’ll show you better than I can tell you.” Pulling out a pen and paper, I write a quick paragraph. “Here.”

Angel takes the paper and begins to read.

Demon: “For cryin’ out… Even way over here, I can’t hear you think. Open your mouth.”

Angel: “Oh, my apologies. It reads: It wouldn’t stop. That unending tapping. The pen was more of a drumstick than a writing tool. Her nervous energy was driving him crazy as it continued to tap, tap, tap on the desk. Tap, tap, tap. A tireless rhythm that demanded he slam his book close. So he did.” Angel hand’s the paper to Demon. “Ok, I get it now.”

Demon: “I’m disappointed. That didn’t have magic in it.”

Me: *Groan*


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