Angel vs. Demon: Last Will

Angel: “Demon, you’re writing?”

Demon: “It happens. Don’t be so shocked.”

Angel: “How can I not be? I didn’t know you could. I didn’t even know you knew what a pen was.”

Demon: “HAHA! Damn, you’re annoying.”

Angel: “So what are you writing?”

Demon: “Last Will & Testament.”

Angel: “I… don’t understand. You don’t die. You’re not even alive.”

Demon: “I didn’t say it was mine.”

Angel: “… dare I ask… Whose are you writing?”

Demon: “RB’s.”

Me: “Say WHAT?!”

Demon: “HA! That got your attention! I’ve been calling you all morning, and you’ve just ignored me, plotting away at your writing. I can’t stand that. I WILL NO BE IGNORED!

Me: “Angel, suddenly I am in the mood for scripture, how about you?”

Angel: “Oh, I would love that!”

Demon: “Argh! I’m out of here.”

Me: “That got rid of him.”

Angel: “But he’ll be back. He always comes back.”



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