Angel vs. Demon: Wicked Tears

Demon: “You’re so mean.”

Angel: “Are you crying?”

Demon: *sniff* “No.”

Angel: “RB, what did you do to make him cry?”

Me: “I just told him he was a good guy and I’m glad he’s around to help me work on my stories. He gives me good ideas.”

Demon: “That’s not how you said it. You said,” Demon clears his throat, “Demon, you’re such a GOOD guy. I’m glad you’re around to help me with my stories. You give GOOD ideas. And you have such HONEST criticism.”

Angel: “Wait… you even added honest?”

Me: “Maybe.”

Angel: “That’s a bit devious… What did you do, Demon?”

Demon: “Me? Nothing.”

Me: “You said my main character sucked because he was TOO heroic.”

Demon: “No, I didn’t.”

Me: “Did too!”

Demon: “Did not!”

Me: “LIAR!”

Demon: “Now I feel better.”


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