Angel vs. Demon: Apathetic

Demon: “I like this character. She’s very apathetic.”

Angel: “And you like that…why?”

Demon: “A lack of emotional response means she likely doesn’t give a damn what happens. If a man is dying in the street, she might just keep going, not caring about his fate. Less likely to do the right thing means more likely to fall prey to wickedness…to me.”

Angel: [laughing]

Demon: “What?”

Me: “You haven’t been paying attention. The apathy is only an act. In front of others, she’s emotionless, uncaring. But she has another side. Like a secret identity…kind of. Read.”

Demon: “What?” Demon reads the computer screen, “WHAT!!”

Angel: “Did you forget RB likes to make main characters 3 dimensional? Guess she’s not as apathetic as you thought.”


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