Angel vs. Demon: A Touch More Evil

Demon: “This character just isn’t evil enough. And yet…”

Me: “How do I make her more evil without changing who she is fundamentally?”

Angel: “She’s not supposed to be pure evil. But she’s nowhere near good. NOWHERE near anything with the word good in it.”

Demon: “What she is?”

Me: “Vain. Ambitious. Greedy, with a touch conniving.”

Demon: “Maybe you should make it more than a touch…hmmm?”

Me: “What if I do this?”

Demon: “Yeeees.”

Me: “And this…”

Demon: “Oooo yeeesss”

Me: “Maybe a little of this.”

Demon: “Ooooooooooh, yeeeeeeaaaaahhh. Muwahahahahaha!!”

Angel: [walks to the door] “I’ll leave you two alone.”


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