Angel vs. Demon: World Domination

Me: “In my mind, I conceive worlds. Does that mean they exist?”

Angel: “To you, they exist.”

Demon: “Not only do they exist, they are ruled by you, oh great one.”

Me: “Yes, I am.”

Demon: “You control their lives, their destinies. In your worlds, you are the beginning and the end.”

Angel: “Oh, boy…”

Me: “I do rule with an iron grip.”

Demon: “You tell them to jump, they already know how high and do so without complaint.”

Me: “As they should.”

Demon: “I am in awe at how masterfully you compel your subjects. Now if only you could bring that out into the real world.”

Angel: “Hold on-”

Demon: “With your cunning and genius, you could surely make this world yours as well.”

Angel: “Now you go too far!”

Demon: “To corrupt, there is no such thing as too far.”

Me: “Oooo, that was good, give me more. I can use this.”

Demon: “Wha- You’re writing this down? You’re not taking me serious!”

Me: “Of course not. Now go back to what you said about world domination… and corruption.”

Demon: “I’m not fuel for your stories!”

Angel: “Ha! Yes you are.


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