Angel vs. Demon: Passion

Demon: “RB’s been awfully quiet the last few days. Little contact with anyone or anything. Barely eating and sleeping. What’s that about?”

Angel: “The story is merging with the writer. It is like an actor who buries his or her self in the role of the character they portray. RB is submerged in the story. Becoming one with that world and that plot. Captivating isn’t?”

Demon: “Disturbing. It’s like building a wall around you and separating yourself from everything. People, places, events… I could never live like that.”

Angel: “People who like what they do become passionate like this, cocooning themselves in their work, craft, or gift.”

Demon: “Hmmm, that’s why I prefer the digital age. So many distractions, who cares about passion when there are so many things to do and see.”

Angel: “Passion created the digital age. Passion created those beers you love. Passion perfected the television you watch. Passion-”

Demon: “Okay, okay, you’ve made you’re point. Such a nag.”

Angel: “Let RB work. Eventually the story will end.”

Demon: “On paper yes. But not to the author. RB is still dreaming of Oracle’s Legacy.”

Angel: “Wait… are you saying…?”

Demon: “I’m thinking some passions don’t end, even upon THE END.”



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