Angel vs. Demon: Demon Interview

Me: “Demon, how old are you?”

Demon: “Old.”

Me: “Give me a number.”

Demon: “Why?”

Me: “I need to know.”

Demon: “For what?”

Me: “Research.”

Demon: “… What are you writing NOW?”

Me: “Interacting with you gave me an idea for a future book. I want to use you as material. Right now I’m just doing an outline so I’ll have the information when I’m done with what I’m writing now.”

Demon: “Me? A book about me? Alright, now we’re talking! Bring on the questions.”

Me: “Your age?”

Demon: “Sorry, but I fell from grace long before age and dates mattered.”

Me: “Ooo, that’s good. And what’s your favorite sin?”

Demon: “My favorite are four of the deadly seven: greed, envy, lust, and vanity. Oh, how I love to watch the mighty fall! A few of me and the fellas get together and bid on how the popular folk meet their moral end.”

Me: “Really? Do you ever get into fights with the other demons?”

Demon: “All the time. It’s a constant battle over turf. We thrive on chaos and like to fight.”

Me: “So why DID you fall from grace?”

Demon: “Wow! That’s a pretty long story…?”

Angel: “Is it my turn for the interview yet?”

Me: “Not yet.”

Demon: “Wait, you’re asking her questions, too?”

Angel: “Of course, it is a book about a demon-slaying demon who’s best friends with an angel.”

Demon: “Demon-slaying… Best friends with a WHAT!?!”

Me: “Did I forget to mention that?”

Demon: “I’ve been hoodwinked!”



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