Angel vs. Demon: Failed Idea

Angel: “Are you still going to write that story about the demon-slaying demon?”

Me: “Demon stole all my notes and erased my files sooooo not anytime soon.”

Demon: “Stole, burned, and scattered the ashes.”

Angel: “Why? It was a good idea.”

Demon: “Demons being best friends with angels is a load of sh-”

Angel: “I think it’s a great idea!”

Demon: “Idiots usually do.”

Angel: “Hey!”

Me: “Now I’m considering an angel who’s one step from being a demon. And she’s slaying demons in order to hunt down the one demon who tarnished her halo.”

Angel: “Preposterous!”

Demon: “Bring her to the dark side, baby!”

Angel: “Let’s burn this one as well. Like NOW!”


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