Angel vs. Demon: Two Cents

Angel: “Please don’t tell me RB’s still drafting another demon slaying book.”

Demon: “What I’m seeing looks like an outline for something like it… but the lead role is neither an angel nor a demon.”

Angel: “A human?”

Demon: “Not sure. RB-”

Me: “I’m not telling. You two don’t get to put your two cents in on this one.”

Angel: “Why? We’d be the best source for all your good and evil research.”


Angel & Demon: “But-”

Me: “No buts. I don’t need your help unless you’re actually going to help.”

Angel & Demon: “But-”

Me: “And trashing my ideas isn’t help. Constructive criticism. That helps. Offering suggestions to make it better helps. If is doesn’t help to build the story, it’s not welcomed. Understood?”

Demon: “Aye Aye, captain.”

Angel: “Understood.”

Me: “Good.”

Angel & Demon: “Now can we read-”

Me: “No!”


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