Angel vs. Demon: Honest Feedback

Demon: “You’ve actually got some good reviews on your books.”

Me: “Why is that so shocking?”

Demon: “Not enough violence, sex, or drugs. Who would want to read it?”

Angel: “Oh, it had plenty of violence if you ask me.”

Demon: “And yet… no one did. RB, I also noticed you got some negative reviews… not too bad, but… If you want I could get some of my friends to haunt their houses.”

Me: “Not necessary. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. There are plenty of books I’ve read and didn’t like.”

Demon: “But you don’t review books, these people did. Come on, let me haunt them.”

Angel: “How do you handle bad reviews?”

Me: “Honestly, I mope a bit. No one likes to be criticized. However, if you want to survive this industry, you have to learn to suck it up. I do that by reminding myself not everything is for everybody. I also remind myself that I’m not the only one who has gotten bad reviews. There are authors far more accomplished than me getting bad reviews everyday. And those authors are extremely well known compared to me.”

Demon: “A good poltergeist. That’s all I need to scare the hell out of them.”

Angel: “So you don’t take it to heart?”

Me: “Did you not hear me say mope? Yes, I take it to heart, but I also take it to head. I think about it, consider why they don’t like it. And if the criticism is constructive, I use it to better my writing. I’m not perfect and accept my faults. In the end, I’m just glad that they gave it a chance and read my books. And NO I WILL NOT RESORT TO HAUNTING MY REVIEWERS!!”

Demon: “Poltergeists work, dammit!!



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