Angel vs. Demon: Word Power

Demon: “Why did you use that word?”

Me: “That word gives it a little something extra. Instead of saying, she drew or she traced the magic into his skinI think that  she stitched magic into his skin makes it sound stronger. It gives a sense that the magic is more permanent and the act she used was far more complex.”

Demon: “And painful… I like it!”

Angel: “Look beyond the pain, Demon. What RB is trying to say is that each word is significant. They each hold a kind of power.”

Me: “Words whether written or spoken can create, destroy, praise, amaze, confuse, and teach.”

Angel: “That is where the sayings about the tongue being sharper than a sword and the pen being mightier than a sword came from.”

Demon: “Mightier than a sword? Please. Give me a sword, I’ll show you might!”

Me: “Save it for my next fight scene.”

Demon: “Deal!”



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