Angel vs. Demon: Word Play

Angel: “With the knife in hand, he stabbed the table.”

Demon: “He grabbed the knife and stabbed it into the table.”

Angel: “Gripping the knife hard, he stabbed the table.”

Demon: “How many times does this fool have to stab the table before you’re satisfied?”

Me: “Until the words sound right and flow on paper.”

Demon: “It won’t be right until he’s stabbing flesh and blood. That’s the problem.”

Me: “But he’s only handing the knife off, not attacking.”

Angel: “The person he’s delivering the knife to is an acquaintance then?”

Me: “They know each other but they’re not friends. There is some hostility.”

Demon: “All the more reason to stab him.”

Me: “Ooo!” I begin typing.

Angel: “Inspiration has struck RB.”

Demon: “So my idea worked! Stab the man!”

Me: “You wish.”



      1. Would that I did… can you imagine. The philosophical meanderings in dialogue of the great good and the great evil, with nothing to distinguish them but for some technicolour background.

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