Angel vs. Demon: Angelic Aggression

Angel: “RB, it is officially October, the year is coming closer to an end and you have yet to complete the final manuscript of this book. When will you get to the second?”

Me: “The second one is done.”

Demon: “That’s such bullsh-”

Angel: “Unfortunately, Demon is right, you have a flimsy excuse for a rough draft of the second book. I’m talking about a complete manuscript that can be sent off to an editor. You said you would have two books written by the end of the year.”

Me: “Angel, come on get off my case. I’ve been sick and-”

Angel: “Yes, that was last week, that does not explain all the other 51 weeks in a year.”

Demon: “Hell, you know how many weeks are in a year? Damn, you’re a nerd.”

Angel: “I’m talking to, RB, right now, I’ll get to you later. Now listen, RB, you have to remember, you’re not writing for just your self.”

Me: “I know. I know! But it isn’t easy to make the worlds in my mind just jump onto paper or my computer. Trust me, I’ve tried it doesn’t work.”

Demon: “Yeah, Angel, so get that stick from up your ass and-”

Angel: “Demon, if you curse one more time I’m going to take that so called stick and correct your evil ways.”

Demon: “And just what the fu- AAAAH!!!! Where did that stick come from?!?


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