Angel vs. Demon: Sleep Ain’t Easy

Angel: “RB, why don’t you go on to bed, your eyes are too heavy to write.”

Me: “Just one more…”

Demon: “I swear if you fall over onto the floor, I’m recording and YouTubing it.”

Angel: “That’s mean! RB, go to bed. This is one of the reason’s you were sick last week.”

Me: “But I’m almost finished with this scene.”

Demon: “Your scene already sounds like gibberish from sleep-writing. Might as well hang it up for tonight. I mean, you’ll just have to go back and rewrite it later… like all your other crappy half-sleep scenes.”

Me: “Hey!”

Demon: “Ha! That woke you up.”

Angel: “He has a point though. You shouldn’t write when you don’t get enough sleep. Your brain isn’t at its best and your thoughts aren’t coherent. Get some sleep and start fresh the next day.”

Me: “I know. I know.”

Angel: “Yes, but will you do it?”

Me: “Fine… after this sentence.”

Angel: “After…? Demon can you sing that song you were singing last night… I believe it was I’m Sexy And I Know It.”

Demon: “Oooo!!”

Me: “No! No! Please, NO! I’m going! I’m going! Goodnight!”

Demon: “Hold on… Angel, are you trying to say I can’t sing?”

Angel: “Yes.”

Demon: “Damn, you could at least lie about it.”

Angel: “Nope, that’s your department.”



    1. You can nitpick? I have a hard time with that! I’m often told I need to be more nitpicky.
      I too find it easier to write at night, but when I am up all day and have had no sleep… my brain likes to go on auto-shutdown.

      1. Yeah I edit as I write, it’s both helpful and annoying lol. And I know what you mean about the lack of sleep…sigh, but it’s almost impossible to write during the day though, for me anyway.

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