Angel vs. Demon: Wide Awake

Angel: [Rubbing sleep from her eyes] “RB, you’re up awfully early.”

Me: “Someone keeps forcing me to go to sleep, so I end up waking up earlier than normal.”

Angel: “I do it because I care. Where is Demon?”

Me: “Still sleep from his all night partying.”

Angel: “Figures. Wow, is that your new chapter?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Angel: “I like it. There’s more depth and refreshing detail.”

Me: “You think?”

Angel: “Yes. Maybe the sleep you’ve been getting is helping your creativity bloom.”

Me: “Maybe.”

Angel: “Might as well admit it. Sleep is good for your mind and your writing.”

Me: “Maybe.”

Angel: “Stubborn.”



  1. There’s great wisdom in this exchange. Sleep is the cure for writer’s block. I think we need photos of angel and demon some day. I have a feeling the images in my head won’t do them justice.

    1. Pictures… Pictures… Demon might not like being identified. He can’t get away with as much if people know what he looks like but I’ll see what I can do.

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