Angel vs. Demon: ROUND 1 – Come Out Swinging!!

Demon: “Your good guy kicks ass when he’s not being totally wussy.”

Me: “Totally wussy?”

Demon: “He’s too good. He’s like a saint. Boring.”

Angel: “I think it’s refreshing.”

Me: “He has a rocky past which kind of balances-”

Demon: “Refreshing, Angel? Of course you would think so. You’re wussy, too. No one wants to read about a boy-scout.”

Me: “He’s not that nice. He has some-”

Angel: “I’m wussy? And what’s wrong with a boy-scout? You make it sound like being good is bad!”

Me: “You guys listen, he’s good for a reason-”

Demon: “Being good is annoying. He needs to be more willing to break some rules.”

Angel: “Then he’d be an anti-hero not a true hero. If it was up to you everyone would be an anti-hero.”

Demon: “Or a villain. Bad guys rock!”

Angel: “And burn in hell!”

Demon: “You got a problem with that!?”

Me: “Wow! You know… I’ll just be over here… out of the way… writing…”



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