Angel vs. Demon: ROUND 2 – Watch That Left Hook!

Demon: “Grow the hell up, Angel! This hero needs an edge. He needs to be bad.”

Angel: “The hero of this story is supposed to be good. So it makes no sense for him to be bad.”

Demon: “Then change it. Give the good guy bad tendencies. Have him slap an old lady or steal some kid’s candy.”

Me: “There will be no old lady slapping or kiddy candy stealing from my good guy!”

Angel: “A good guy with bad…? That’s an oxymoron.”

Demon: “Did you just call me a moron?”

Angel: “No. I said that statement was an oxymoron, moron.”

Me: “Woah! You guys calm down. This is going too far if Angel’s calling you names.”

Demon: “I’ll show you a moron-”

Me: “Wait! No! Demon, extinguish that ball of fire!”




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