Angel vs. Demon: Descent Into Darkness

Me: “Demon, I need you.”

Demon: “Of course you do. Everyone needs me.”

Angel: “Like they need a migraine.”

Demon: *sniff* “Can you smell it?” *sniff* “Is that jealousy in the air?”

Me: “I need your take on emotional pain. I want this character to turn evil based on emotional turmoil.”

Demon: “What do you have so far?”

Me: “The would be evil character becomes jaded after supposed friend no longer wants a relationship.”

Demon: [Reading the story outline] “The soon to be evil one has control issues… Good. Family problems… a plus. Large burdens… yes, that works. And to top it off other negative influences. I see why you called me now. You need to connect the dots. Goat the character. Torment her by having another character point out the flaws in this relationship. Or even better, let the so called friend point it out. Subtly. Slowly and patiently. Allow the other evils surrounding her to shape her. Begin picking apart their relationship, hint about revenge, about payback. Little tormenting things that are small at first.”

Me: “And let it escalate?”

Demon: “Of course. It’s like a stalker. At first, they test the water, to see what they can get away with. The more the victim shrugs off suspicion, the bolder the stalker gets. That’s-”

Me: “Ooo, stalking! I can use that as part of the revenge. Thanks, Demon!”

Demon: “Wait, I haven’t finished talking yet! I have more to say.”

Angel: “No. No, I think you’re done.”



    1. Lol! I don’t know how to take that… However, now that you mention it, my characters are usually more lively than I. But you like what you like.

      1. I would further like to see demon’s dancer persona and angel’s dark side coming together somehow. Possibly while feasting on bits of the “me” character. Of course, it’s all a dream that leads to some crazy inspiration. Although I don’t know why you’d need that. You’re already inspired. And crazy.

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